Here are 10 benefits of onions

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In ancient Egypt, onions were believed to possess healing powers, which is why they were used to protect against disease and even depicted on monuments. Also, our ancestors believed the beginning of May was the best day for planting them and used onions to treat various ailments. Experts share the benefits of onions today so that you can benefit from these interesting and beneficial properties of this vegetable that have long caught the attention of food experts. Due to their versatility, onions are popular among many people. After removing the roots of this vegetable and peeling it, along with the leaves, the onion can be used in various dishes – stews, soups, marinades, salads. Onions are no less popular because of their useful properties in household and medicine. It is believed that this vegetable can be valuable in treating various diseases or even prevent cancer, ”says one of the experts. For those who are still hesitant about the benefits of onions for our bodies, food experts present 10 interesting facts that will not only change the way you view this vegetable but will also surprise onion lovers. 

1.One of the oldest vegetables in the world 

The onion is regarded as the oldest vegetable in the world used in both cooking and medicine. There are references to it in the written sources of the Sumerians, ancient Chinese, and Egyptians, as well as in the Bible. It was believed that the juice would make Greek athletes stronger, strengthen bones, and prevent injury before the Olympics.

2. Enhances both mood and appetite 

The substances in onions inhibit the accumulation of homocysteine, the excess of which impairs the production of happiness hormones. Happiness hormones are also responsible for restful sleep and a good appetite. Adding more onions to your diet will reduce your risk of depression and other diseases. 

3. Can help prevent cancer 

Onions contain organic sulfur compounds that inhibit tumor growth and free radical formation. It is thought to help prevent or even treat cancer. For example, a study has found that men who eat the most onion vegetables have the lowest risk of developing prostate cancer. 

4. Helps to absorb nutrients 

When onions are ingested, more digestive juices are released in the stomach, which ensures proper digestion of food and thus reduces the likelihood of its disruption. Vitamin B1 in onions helps to absorb nutrients and makes the stomach easier. 

5. Improves oral health 

In spite of their unpleasant smell, onions have health benefits for people’s teeth. You can remove the bacteria that cause caries from your mouth by eating green onions. You may not be tempted to eat more with one onion, but try throwing it into a salad of vegetables. 

6. Adds radiance and charm to the skin 

Onions are rich in vitamin C, which maintains good skin condition and gives it radiance. Onions can be not only eaten but made from them with a rejuvenating mask. Boil the onion with the peel, mash, and mix with sour cream. Apply on your face, hold for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. This mask will relax the facial skin and make it softer. 

7. Nourishes hair and promotes hair growth 

The silicon in onions promotes hair growth. By mixing onion juice with castor oil, it is possible to make a mask suitable for dry hair, which will nourish and give them shine. While many avoid using hair masks from onions because of the unpleasant odor, washing the mask with water with lemon juice will leave it gone. 

8. Excellent cleaning agent 

Try cutting the onion in half and rubbing a dirty pot or pan on one side. Doing so and pouring the dishes with hot water with dishwashing detergent will take less time to remove the grease. 

9. Sweat stains can be removed with onion 

Pour onion juice on clothing that has turned yellow from sweat and leave for a few minutes. When the juice is absorbed into the fabric, put it in the washing machine and wash as usual. Onion juice will help remove yellow stains and make clothes look new. 

10. Repels mosquitoes and ants 

In addition to healing insect bites, onions are also effective at repelling them. Add water to the beaker and place the onion cut into rings. Insects don’t particularly like this scent, so avoid a place where such glass will be placed. 

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