Why do we need hugs?

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Hugging those we love comforts us when we’re happy, sad, or excited. Our health and happiness can be increased by hugging. Researchers believe that hugging goes beyond simply holding someone in your arms. The first thing you should know is that hugging reduces stress by giving a sense of support. Hug your friends when they’re struggling with problems. One study suggests hugging might reduce a person’s likelihood of getting sick. Hugging slows down your heart and lowers your blood pressure. The act of hugging even decreases cortisol levels in our bodies, which is a stress hormone. 

By hugging, we gain a sense of safety and reaffirm our relationship with others. Also, hugging boosts your serotonin level -a hormone known to make you happy. However, in today’s world, people are prohibited from touching or hugging each other in order to prevent the spread of disease. The consequences are detrimental to children and young people, such as behavioral changes, depression, and loss of appetite. 

Psychological problems can result from this. Adopting a pet is a good alternative if you don’t have someone to hug since it has the same effect as hugging a human. In Virginia Satir’s words, “every day we need four hugs in order to survive.”. A maintenance schedule requires eight hugs daily. A growth mindset requires twelve hugs per day.

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