What we can do to protect our mental health

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Things that can have an adverse effect on your mental health

There may be tons of reasons that can badly affect your mental health. For example physical disorder that you have, bad relationship with the people around you, problems within the family, etc.

Some tips on keeping your mentality healthy

 1. Is physical health linked to mental health?

According to most health experts, yes, they are closely related. Healthy minds are essential to a healthy body, according to a saying. Make sure you keep track of your daily eating schedule. Do not always watch TV or browse social media, and don’t always eat unhealthy food. Your mirror reflection should make you proud of yourself. Love yourself as much as you love someone else.

2. What is the impact of social media on our mental health?

The answer is “the more, the worse.” Spending a lot of time surfing on social media makes you feel depressed even without a reason. Every day you check the Instagram stories and see all the people happy and rich, at parties, vacations but don’t forget “all that glitters is not gold”

3. Give a rest to your brain

Throughout the day, even while we are sleeping, our brain works. A person’s daily thoughts range from 12.000 to 60.000, with 80% of them being negative. A rest for the brain is just as important as a rest for the body. You should not be afraid of doing anything for a while. Instead of planning how you’ll spend the next few hours, just sit down and focus on the present. Spend some time in silence and let your mind relax. I am not saying you should be lazy from birth, but rather that you should give your brain a rest from time to time.

4. Do books help us stay mentally healthy? 

Reading books has excessive benefits to your brain and psychology. Read 20 pages a day. It is 600 pages in a month don’t underestimate the little changes that you make in your life. There is a saying by Lao Tzu “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Reading books strengthen your memory, lower blood pressure, and regulate heart rate. Also, people who read a lot have strong empathy for the people around them. Reading books also decreases the risk of age-related diseases.

5. When you smile, the world smiles with you

It doesn’t matter how sad you are to others. View life from a different perspective – don’t see a half-empty glass, see a half-full one. Don’t be jealous of others who are more successful than you at the time, even if they are more successful than you. Think of difficulties you had over time, think of your position in life which others dream of. I don’t say life will always be positive to you, of course at some points you will face challenges but don’t easily fall into depression and isolate yourself from people. Learn lessons from your problems. I always tell myself Paul Brandt’s quote “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

6. Love

Love is the easiest way to protect your mental health. See the beauty in the people, nature, and the world don’t forget ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Share your pain for example if you grew up with one parent and it has negative effects on you, give your love to the children who have one parent. Communicate, socialize with people. Make a lot of friends and spend your free time with them, listen to them, life is short and you should also learn something from other’s life.

To make a long story short you are the only person who can heal you.

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